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Wall Street - Green Granite Acrylic & Chrome  $49
Wall Street - Green Granite Acrylic & Chrome $49
6/3/2016 5:08:40 PM
o ACRYLIC BODY. The body of the pen was turned from a block of "GREEN GRANITE" acrylic. It was then coarse sanded, fine sanded up to grit 12,000, and polished, bringing it to a beautiful finish!

o CHROME PARTS. The metal parts, obtained from a manufacturer, were plated in chrome. Precisely fitted to the pen body, these parts perfectly accent the rich appearance of the polished acrylic finish.

o TWIST MECHANISM. The ball-point tip of the pen is smoothly extruded by twisting the acrylic pen body (or any part above the decorative band) clockwise and retracted by twisting in the opposite direction.

o BLACK INK. The pen includes a Parker-style cartridge containing black ink. The widely available ink cartridge is replaced by pulling the acrylic pen body away from the tip end of the pen and then unscrewing the cartridge twist mechanism. A gel rollerball cartridge can be used as well.

o DIMENSIONS. The pen is ~5 1/4" long and ~1/2" in diameter (measured at the widest point of the pen body).
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